Who We Are


To create enterprise-wide value intensified business solutions that improves company's economy focusing on growth, revenue generation and value proposition 

To provide our Clients the service with innovative ideas and recommendation that is unmatched. Our service includes our 100% backing of our clients so that they achieve maximum benefit. We provide you unique services to perfect your business the way it should be.  We are there for you throughout the development process and beyond providing support and smooth transition backed up by excellent training and documentation. 


 To build Leaders and Mentors, who are strong believers in continuous learning, innovations, promoting right corporate culture and passionate of delivering excellent creative solutions thus enabling our Customers trust with complete gratification and sense of confidence.

Company Profile


We are DATA GOVERNANCE SPECIALIST!!! We carry over 10 years of experience in Strategy & Roadmap Services, Enterprise Architecture, Data Governance practice and have implemented several Collibra and IBM IGC based Data Governance  programs.

AVS SYSTEMS (est. 1991) is an Information Technology (IT) consulting and Software development company based in Princeton, New Jersey with offices in Phoenix, AZ and in business since 1991. Our core strength is in implementing Data Governance, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Master Data Management initiatives and that combined with Rest API, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)/Web Services. 

AVS is a professional IT service firm providing a full spectrum of technology and management services. Our fundamental approach to building and maintaining an unsurpassed industry knowledge base is a rigorous training program and constant learning. Building on this foundation, we are positioned to maintain; in-depth competitive technological expertise, innovative negotiating tools, as well as broad technology coverage. Our mature high caliber professionals will deliver first-rate services with unrivaled convenience, value and flexibility. Because of our strong background and our focus on the ever-changing landscape, AVS management who are highly technical can provide powerful insight into the constantly growing and changing IT industry, the Data Governance revolution. In order to maintain this competitive knowledge base edge, AVS has been partnering with major leaders and visionaries in the IT arena. We have partnered with Collibra, IBM, Red Hat, Salesforce to offer you the best-in-service consulting. WE OFFER ON-SITE, OFF-SITE SERVICES.

Over the last 25 years, AVS has built an impressive list of clients in many different industries, such as Financial (Banking, Brokerage, and Investments), Travel Related Services, Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Insurance (Life and Health), Entertainment & Media, Publishing, Manufacturing, Retail and Government Sector (Federal, State, Local). Depending on requirements, we assist clients with full life cycle implementation and support for new applications with dedicated technical support in a specific technology area. Regardless of the individual situation, our goal is always to assist the client in leveraging state of art technology into user-friendly, easy to use applications, which provide excellent value and competitive advantage.

Finally, we help companies leverage and harness on their existing technologies and IT investments in ERP, CRM, SCM to migrate to Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence initiatives that allows seamless integration among all platforms and heterogeneous environment. This enables our clients to coordinate and do business with their customers, suppliers, partners and employees efficiently thus providing a highly improved measurable performance and a complete end-to-end solution.