Chief Executive Officer (CEO)



Andy Vaidya is founder and CEO of AVS Systems, Inc which formed in June of 1991. He is highly passionate about Technology and has been delivering first-class IT Solutions to various cross-industry fortune-100 Companies in the United States. His expertise is in Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Big Data technologies, Data Quality, Relational Databases, ETL, Risk and Project Management Services.

Andy Vaidya in 1987-1988 was a key architect working for the DOD Federal Agency as a consultant and In 1989 worked for Sybase in porting, migrating and testing the Sybase Server Code to Microsoft which formed the first Microsoft SQL Server 4.0. Backed with that experience, Andy started AVS Systems (AVS) and since then has been the key contributor for various undertakings for AVS and bringing new technology consulting and management services while staying on top of new trends and participating in all engagement as a Chief Strategist and Architect.

He has spearheaded several  Data Governance Programs for Fortune-100 companies and is a specialist in Collibra DGC, Mulesoft integration, Workflows  and IBM Information Governance Catalog (IGC). 

Andy is committed to high values and integrity which is deeply evident at AVS Systems. He strongly believes in right Mentoring, Education, and Training that would not only build deep expertise but also develop great Leaders and Cultures within his Organization. 

Andy over the last 10 years has been highly passionate and dedicated to Data Governance and leads the Data Governance practice at AVS. Besides he has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science  from New York Institute of Technology, New York and a Bachelor (Hons) degree in Chemistry from Hyderabad, India.

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

SIYA VAIDYA, Chief Strategy Officer

Siya is the Chief Strategy Officer.

Since joining AVS Systems in 1994, she has been instrumental in shaping AVS's strategy and aligning it with the future business landscape. She championed AVS  entry into the Data Management space and delivered complex solutions. 

As Head of AVS, she has helped significantly scale up the systems, processes, and interactions with both internal and external stakeholders. She is also a key contributor to the business alignment and establishing key partnerships with innovative technology product companies.

Siya is also focused on improving school education across the country and is currently working on an IOT based solution.

Siya is known for her outstanding leadership, professional accomplishments, and commitment to advancement, education and society. She has a Bachelor's degree in Law from Mysore University, India.