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  A Public Insurance Company in New York/New Jersey


The client contracted with a vendor company (not AVS!!) as well as a number of highly paid independent consultants to design and implement a global database to track employee information, their status, salary information, contact information, location and other related details. The solution required a very comprehensive database design with data coming from various external sources such as legacy systems, flat files, multiple other databases, ERP system etc.

Their Result

In three words: An unmitigated disaster!!! The application was unstable and unreliable. This resulted in a highly stressful environment for the employees who were entrusted with the application maintenance. Night and weekend work became the required norm in order to stabilize the application. Yet the end results were still suspect because of lack of data integrity.

The consultants responsible for this fiasco left their positions and the manager and few other employees directly responsible for maintaining this application quit, yielding to the pressure imposed on them by an ineffective third party solution. Upper management was forced to take decisive action and contracted with AVS to remedy the situation.


Bold Move - AVS approached the client with a proposal to analyze the situation during a two week period at no cost or obligation. If, at the end of the two weeks, the client were to be unhappy with our proposal, AVS would walk away, never to be seen or heard from again.

Puzzled Client – Not used to such confidence and professionalism,

Client’s management was at first rather amused and skeptical. Our industry is teaming with players who promise and don't deliver - unconditional guarantees are unheard of!

Hard Work - With no time to waste, AVS brought all our company's expertise to the project to analyze the situation and develop a proposal for comprehensive remediation. We spent much time interviewing the various internal users and related systems of the project. At night, we analyzed our findings, and before the two weeks were over, we presented our proposal to client management.

The Contract - Client management was impressed with the depth and expertise inherent in our proposal and contracted with AVS for the delivery of a revamped system.

The Result - The new EIS (Employee Information System) was delivered in a record three months. The application was fully in agreement with user expectations, and it performed flawlessly from the beginning. After handing over the fully documented application for maintenance to the client staff, they felt immediate relief. No more long hours, no more weekends, no more fire fighting!

The Relationship - As a result of this highly successful undertaking AVS has built a strong relationship with this particular client. Client management used the design of this application as a model to be followed by other initiatives within the IT department. Since than, AVS has been introduced to other IT departments at the client and taken on additional assignments.

The Lesson - AVS can do this for you too!! Guaranteed delivery of a quality product at highly competitive prices!!!

Our assurance - Cost effective, economical, better ROI, superior product and on time.

“Delivering Measurable Performance. Always!”

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